The Story of a Free-Range Family

Meet The Pedersen’s: John & Mary, Nicolaus, Carleigh, Naomi, Judah & Samuel (arriving this June)!

Meet The Pedersen’s: John & Mary, Nicolaus, Carleigh, Naomi, Judah & Samuel (arriving this June)!


Chasing great health, sunshine & the kids.

John & I both left our corporate career paths in order to pursue our true passion: getting our hands dirty while growing sustainable & delicious food.

John, a Virginia native, headed to the Shenandoah Valley to pursue an internship in sustainable & humane animal stewardship. Meanwhile, Mary a Michigan gal traveled to Georgia to learn organic vegetable production. Years later, we met while working at an Organic Vegetable & Pastured Meat farm. Realizing our shared vision we quickly started dreaming of one day restoring a farm together.

Then, we found this charming Farmstead that we now call home. When we drove up for the first time we could feel the potential, this old farm had great history but desperately needed some love. So we took on the project as a family, working to reclaim, restore and redeem the Farmstead.

Our family loves to eat, especially when its raised here at home. This is a family farm, and our whole family gets involved; Nicolaus has a laser focus & strong work ethic like his daddy, Carleigh is fearless and loves the animals, Naomi is particularly excellent at picking wild flowers, and Judah is really wonderful at napping on my back. We love working with our kids in the field and in the kitchen, watching, teaching and learning from them.

We earnestly want to share this journey with your family. Whether its giving you a great recipe, gardening advice, or spending time at an on farm event: we’re here to create community. We want to provide excellent food & share it with our neighbors.

John & I, believe very strongly in being good stewards of the earth. From vegetables to livestock, our focus is rebuilding the soil, reconnecting families with their farmers, restoring health through amazing locally grown food. That is why we have committed to raise Sustainably Grown Veggies, & Pastured Meats.

This farm is special and we want to share it with our local community, so a CSA and FarmStore seemed like the perfect fit to breathe life back into this local gem.

So please take the scenic road up to the farm, stay awhile, get to know us and let us grow your family.

Love from the Farm, The Pedersen’s.