Pastured Proteins, From Our Family to Yours.

From our Children to our Chickens we are unashamedly Free-Range.

We believe that our Farm & Family thrive when they are roaming our pastures, breathing in fresh mountain air & basking in the sweet Virginia sunshine.

We are passionate about providing you with the finest pastured meats and the finest meats come from animals and land that are thoughtfully cared for.

No shortcuts, Just Hard Work, & Good Grass.



In need of a quick breakfast before you start your busy day? Eggs are your new best friend, quick cooking & completely nourishing. They will get everyone fed and out the door in no time, and because they are a Complete Protein they will keep your family satisfied & energized to get you through your day!

The perfect compliment to any meal, they add warmth and richness. Whether you are whipping up a quiche, enjoying a fried egg on a burger, or savoring chewy chocolate chip cookies, our eggs will not disappoint!

Eggs laid by Pasture Raised Hens are a powerhouse of nutrients & protein! Our flock is raised out on pasture where they forage for grass and bugs, its this foraging and sweet sunshine that gives the yolks there golden splendor. We supplement with a locally sourced Organic, Soy-Free Feed to complete their diet.

They make the perfect companion to Our CSA, you can never have too many of these beauties!



Pressed for time but still desire meals that don’t feel rushed, our chickens are the perfect solution. Pastured birds are the best of both worlds Quick Cooking as well as Succulent. Whether you are enjoying a Relaxed Sunday Dinner, or experiencing Monday Madness; they can be lovingly prepared in your favorite cast iron or get tossed into your instant pot frozen!

Looking to increase your pastured protein, then adding our pasture raised chickens to The CSA is a recipe for success. They are tender and flavorful & pair perfectly with our salad vegetables. Our birds forage on our lush pastures, and are given a locally sourced Organic, Soy-Free Feed to complete their diet.

Our Birds are packaged with their Feet, Neck, Heart & Liver, giving you ample ingredients for enriching bone broths, succulent sauces, and nourishing sides that will make your dishes shine. We offer whole birds & whole bird cuts ups which have been broken down to save you precious time in the kitchen.

 Order ahead of time & have it ready for pick up, or shop at our FarmStore.



Looking for some inspiration at meal time, then look no further. Our Lamb will transform your ho-hum dinner plans into the extraordinary. Transform burger night & rethink your grill plans; once you try the exceptional flavor you will keep coming back for more.

Our Lambs are Grass-Fed & Grass Finished, they were born on farm and have been on grass ever since. We move our herd regularly ensuring robust health. These four legged foragers never receive antibiotics, hormones, or grain. 

Savory Lamb Choices & their perfect pairings

Grind: Amazing Burgers, Succulent Meat Sauces, and Stuffed Vegetables are just the beginning!

Chops (Loin, Rib, Shoulder): Pan Seared, Roasted, or Grilled, endless options infinite flavor.

Shanks:Beautifully Braised this will become your new weeknight indulgence.

Kabob: Feeling adventurous? Spiced, Marinated, or a Dry Rub is the only passport you’ll need!

Soup Bones: Nourishing stocks, broths & sauces all just a simmer away.

Shoulder Roast: Marinated and cooked low and slow, family dinner will never be the same.

Leg Roast: A show stopping feast of splendor, whether Roasted or Grilled you will not be disappointed.

Denver Ribs: Take your Grille Game to the next level Sauce & Serve - Texas, Kansas or Carolina Style.

Order ahead of time & have it ready for pick up, or shop At our FarmStore.