Reclaim Your Health 

It all started when…

Like so many, we began our Food Journey once we realized the flaws in our food system & our own personal diets.

Being a parent instills a deep sense of protection and desire to give the best to our children, so we turned to food to guide us.

Once we made a change in our eating habits, we were astonished by the drastic changes that occured in our bodies and health!

When you nourish yourself, your body handles the rest.

You know the importance of Sustainably Grown Vegetables & Pasture Raised Meats, because you know that the foods you consume are directly linked to your quality of health. 

John & I understand how valuable it is to have the highest quality food and to get it from a source we trust.

It is rare to find a corporation that you feel that you can genuinely put the health of your family in their hands. We are a family, and we farm so that our community can share in the health & healing that sustainably produced foods offer.

Our passion to farm is expressed through bringing great food into the homes and lives of our community.

Love from the Farm, The Pedersen’s