Are you constantly asking yourself what's for dinner and struggling to find inspiration?

Does cooking 5 nourishing meals each week feel like an impossibility?

Is the health of your family causing you to question what you are eating?

If this sounds all too familiar, you are not alone.

Whether you are a first time momma nourishing your little babe, a growing family like ours, or just looking for a better way to feed your family, we are here to help!

The truth is we’ve been there too, and we are here to share in the journey. We are a small Family Farm striving to grow the finest quality meats and vegetables.

Your time is precious and your health invaluable. You are here because you know how important the food you consume is to your health.

We are a family, and we farm so that our community can share in the health & healing that sustainably produced foods offer. We promise to work hard, to take no shortcuts, and do things the old fashioned way, in order to bring you the best quality, most flavorful, and nutrient rich produce that we can grow.

Love from the Farm, The Pedersens


THe Salad CSA

Let our farm grow your family time.

We understand how demanding a family's schedule can be on you.

The Salad CSA is here to get you around the table effortlessly:

Expertly Curated Vegetables, Mouthwatering Meal Plans, and Empowering Tutorials.


rediscover your kitchen

Great tasting nutrient dense food doesn’t require a personal chef or meal service in order to enjoy.

It's really very simple: ingredients harvested at their peak are the most nutritious and have the most robust flavor

This is the experience that our Family is offering you.